Our main goal in this adventure which we set off with the motto of we care about the health of the consumer is to determine the needs and requirements of the end consumer and respond with the most accurate, reliable and healthy product suggestions. With this aspiration our business plan established on where we can direct our stakeholders to develop in order to perform market analyzes correctly and also to develop concept and formulation where they could have a place in the market parallel to these analyzes.


With the technology evolving rapidly and in today's climate, it is very difficult to reach healthy and nutritiously rich foods. Within having awarness of this development and change, we are located in the food supplement industry by our expert team and our deep market knowledge. With our intense and concentrated market researches and published articles we keep ourselves up to date continuously, with the results of these studies and the data we have collected we provide value added products to our stakeholders patented and standardized products. With our deep R&D knowledge, we are pleased to offer our service to our valued stakeholders in the right product combinations and dosages.


With the aim to enrich our daily foods and to make the healthy foods accessible we develop product concepts and formulation recommendations to meet the market needs. With in this frame, we continuously search for raw materials that will bring a breath of fresh air to the functional food, beverage world and we closely follow up the relevant development. By taking advantage of deep technical knowledge and experience of our suppliers; we are aiming to change consumer habits towards our work with the most accurate raw materials and with our mission to shape the market along the raw materials parallel to Turkey’s functional food market within the global market.


With the support of our expert suppliers to the cosmetic industry, we provide services with our proven patented and high added value products.
As the Life Sciences division, we are happy to give support at R&D formulation studies as well as to show care that the products we add to our portfolio are specific products, which have a story and enable our stakeholders to develop their formulas and products.