Profen Academy

The Academy As A Symbol of The Creative Act

Since BC. IV. Plato's Akademia, and 19th century the “Academy” has been a symbol of higher level thinking and creative act. The real act is the action required by thoughts. In the meantime real action is based on the researchful thinking. Corporate academies are a knowledge capital and a brand strategy. At the same time company academies intent the leadership, creative thinking and problem solving which would encourage to shape the company’s culture.

Profen is a firm which provides opportunities to its stakeholders, employees and to the community with the consciousness of investment in human is the most important investment. Profen aims to boost the company’s performance higher up by offering development opportunities to each employee who carries the corporate brand to expose their full potential.

Dr. Lecturer M. Ozan Şahin
University of Gaziosmanpaşa
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Department of Political Science and International Relations


Profen Academy has a learning framework that focuses mainly on two areas. One of our focus in traning is to meet the basic engineering firms’ needs while the other is the most frequently encountered human managment field. As you can choose open trainings that anyone can join meanwhile by contacting our our team you can organize indoor training for your company.