About us

As Greenorm within the Profen Group of Companies; with an expert team in the related field to Turkey and to the surrounding countries covered by the division of Life Sciences, We provide high quality product services for supplying of raw materials to the sectors of food, supplementary food, veterinary, cosmetic and pharmaceutical. We work on effective formulation studies by identifying the needs of our business partners, and we provide them the support to produce products that would meet today’s changing trends.

Our main aim is to offer good quality, economical and sustainable solutions to our business partners by combining innovative and scientific thinking methods from past to present. In this scope, with the support of our partners in Europe, America and Asia we offer our products to the market with a reliable service concept.

Profen Group is a large family of companies which established in 1995 and its main business lines are Telecommunications & Data Center, Satellite Communication, Defense Technologies, Research & Development (R&D), Cable TV & Weak Current Systems, EPC, Publishing, Energy. We carry on to continue to grow by including raw materials supply sectors of life chemicals and we expand our supply network with a fast and high quality solution of understanding.